Support Structures

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Support Structures

Standard Training

Three Key Training Events:

  • Weekly Sizzle Sessions – Training on an Informal Basis
  • All Distributor Training – Once a month / Presented by Top Distributors in your region
  • Weekend Functions – Quarterly / Presented by Top National & International Speakers
  • Mini Regional Functions

People in Remote Areas utilise

  • Our revolutionary, easy-to-use Training Manuals
  • CD’s and DVD’s

Flight Path System

Through the Flight Path System...

  • You can develop your business throughout the world
  • Without having to travel there yourself


  • Develop your business outside your region and country boundaries
  • Schedule of all Business Presentations – wherever the Eagle Team operates in the world
  • Immediate reply to your prospect’s questions after presentation
  • Involve prospects in regional training system at NO additional cost!
  • Monthly publication available in print or electronic medium