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07 - 09 Fedruary 2020

Venue: Folkestone, England

International in Bloemfontein South Africa

17 - 19 April 2020         Accommodation can be found by clicking on this PDF 

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Read how the Bloemfontein Weekend Function changed the lives of Watson and Merves Ng'andu (Sapphire Directors from Zambia)......
It is now one year two months since we joined GNLD in Livingstone – Zambia when colleagues all over the world came to Victoria Falls for a world Team Conference in October 2012. This time marked a landmark in the History of our membership because that is when we met a powerful lady from Namibia called Nelly Dumeni. We had a lengthy discussion with her and without wasting time we joined the bandwagon of successful GNLD members. Barely two weeks after joining GNLD, Nelly invited us to Bloemfontein for a weekend function in October  2013.This function put fire on the three of us from Zambia namely Sira Muleya, Conard Kankuli and my self. There was fire on the mountain when we came back to Zambia. I remember one police officer told one of my friends that “please do not share this opportunity with any other people , I want you and I to be very rich here in Livingstone” We laughed and said that this business does not entertain any jealous otherwise you can not go far….To cut the long story short.  
We sailed through the ladder of GNLD .Seven months later thus April, 2013 , I became a Director and three months later I became Emerald Director and in November 2013 my wife and I became Sapphire Directors. Wow GNLD is amazing. We thank God for this wonderful opportunity which is unique and amazing.
Now the Bloem weekend function of October, 2013 was a thriller. We went there as Emerald Directors  with Merves my dear  wife. We were accorded an opportunity as Zambia to be  MC for a while and this really put us on the world  map. We are looking forward to such opportunities in future so that we participate fully in the affairs of GNLd and the Eagle Team. Many thanks go to the Eagle Team and GNLd for that gesture. This made the entire Zambian team to feel welcome and at home. When they came back home, it was no longer business as usual. People went flat out sponsoring people from all walks of life. I remember one ADT we held at Zambezi Ultima Lodge in September 2013, people saw a lot of cars and they were asking ,” what is going on here?” people told thWatsonMervesem there was a GNLD meeting. The  lodge was fully packed with people . There was almost no space such that members gave room to Guests. This was a warning that we needed  to go to a bigger venue next time. The following month we held  our ADT at Rainbow Africa where the venue equally proved to be too small for the growing crowd. It was amazing how people turned in large numbers again.
In November , 2013 we resolved that we go to Courtyard  Hotel and book the biggest Hall with a capacity of 320 people. We were pleased that this time we had done our best. Alas !! On 14th December, 2013 we had rains around 13:00 hours , barely an hour before our ADT which was scheduled at 14:00 hours.  People started trekking in and barely 30 Minutes after the commencement of the meeting we saw signs of the venue surrendering. After an hour we had no choice but to call the Hotel personnel to help us quench the fire of too much human traffic trooping in for the ADT. The Hotel staff scouted for chairs here and there. I tell you this surprised the entire group. We did not know what to do and how to handle the situation. We thank God many more chairs came and the meeting was a success.
What am  I saying? All this is a result of the Bloem experience where we had taken 30 of our colleagues from Zambia. When they came back, they were all on fire. As we speak people are registering every day. GNLD has really become a household name.Every one has come to know what GNLD is and they respect us for our integrity. We have maintained the good name of the organisation and we thank the Almighty Lord God for his hand upon Zambia.
Our plea is may the Distribution Centre be opened in Livingstone  Zambia as early as March 2014 if there will be any delays. People are geared to walk to the Distribution centre and purchase items on their own and market them as fast as possible. Office accommodation is readily available. Once we are given the green light to source it, we shall go flat out to acquire it and facilitate its operations. All these achievements are attributed to the Bloem Weekend function and its importance and impact can not be overemphasized. Many many thanks to Charlie and Alta Bolton, Nelly Dumeni, Marco Taylor,(Vice President- GNLD Africa) and Roget Uys (President and CEO, GNLD International ) plus many other dignitaries to numerous to mention in the GNLD and Eagle team fraternity.
Shalom Shalom and God bless!!!!

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