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Alice Samo says... Spending a holiday in a cruise, at no cost, it's really an exciting experience not just for me but for my Team as well.
I have got downlines that are really determined to be part of the next cruise so they keep me busy, we are working our plan towards it and new Emeralds and WT members are on the way. This is very exciting, I see my downlines running for this incentive and by doing so they are growing the business and they are making money and helping others. The incentive has been well designed. I think we as leaders need to know the right way of selling it to our Teams. 2014 we had many people qualifying for this incentive but then we could not see them maintaining their status or growing so this is not very positive. But i believe we will all improve as a Team as we are getting the maturity in this business. Thank you, I am looking forward to the next cruise.
God bless!

Maria da Graça Samo says ... The Cruise was as great experience and very motivating. Spending a weekend with very special people like the ET qualified members is very inspirational and make us proud of ourselves and the work we have been doing. It is a great reward! It is a special time for ourselves, to rest, to put down new dreams and gain more energy to come and work with our teams.  Qualifying a new Emerald Director is what made me qualify to the Cruise. While there, I looked back and realised that there is a great potencial in my team and outsid. A lot of people need the opportunity. A lot of people need to experience different lifestyle and enjoy wellbeing. It is my responsibility to share with them the opportunity and to make them believe they can do it.  People are eager to travel but many times they think good things are not made for them. They tend to think that they came to GNLD just to use products and do some PV - just to be an ordinary Distributor. I/we need to show them the big picture. The Cruise excitement is one good thing to inspire people. I have to help more downlines to qualify for the next Cruise - and I will do! I believe it is all in our hands as leaders. We need to share it more. But not only the Cruise, people must understand the advantages of becoming a Director. If you are not a Director you still do not know what  this business is all about.

INZOFUs say.....the cruise experience was very motivating, for us and for our children too. We would like to take many with us the next time.  We are motivated to stay focused so that we can qualify for the next one.  Our children keep saying we should go back again and again…so we have to work for it.  We had great Family Quality Time and it was just amazing eating all meals of the day together and meals of our choice…wow…   By showing the cruise pictures to our Team and sharing our excitement…many are determined to go Emerald and go on a Cruise for the very first time like we did. For many people this is a within reach Lifestyle experience than that of the Company Lifestyle events and they feel like it is achievable faster.  While on the cruise:-The morning sharing were great and the training session was life-changing but we would like more training sessions with the ET Leaders…even if it is just 30min daily...

Angela Aluvilu says.... I would like to thank Charlie and Alta for introducing this magnificent Incentive. The Emerald Cruise was really enjoyable and fun as it was my first time. Lots of activities like swimming, watch different shows in the theatre or spending most of the day in the restaurant eating were the highlights.

I mostly enjoyed the morning devotions and the supers spent together with the Eagle team members. It was a very relaxing time after working your daily job and the business the whole year. ( December is the best month to go because everyone is in the holiday mood and most companies are rounding up to close the year). I came back very rested and more motivated to grow my business to qualify as a Sapphire Director this year.
I held a meeting with my team and showed pictures and set up goals on how to qualify for the cruise. I talk about my business to everyone I meet because I'm more confident and testify about the awesome incentive that was rewarded to me because of my hard work. My team is also motivated. Everyone is now working towards the goal of becoming an Emerald Director. There is now a saying in the team that says " Emerald Cruise here I come". Looking forward to bringing 2 or 3 new Emerald Director this year. Thank you again..


Sebron Focusman Tomas says....Emerald Cruise was one of the most exciting moments for me in my GNLD/ Eagle Team history. My Team are very happy as well to be part of Cruise. Most of them i reach them by call as I find they already went for the holiday. I cannot wait to see them face to face to see their resolution for year 2016 and how I will help them to achieve their resolution. Thank you very much for the opportunity that grant me to go in the Cruise. What a lifestyle!!!!!!!!!!!. Thank you once more again for words of blessing.

Sean Thorncroft says....The plan is to earn a family cabin with a view next time. I have at least one down-line with her eyes firmly on the goal of sailing on the next cruise. A more clear "T & C's" section on the website would help. I like the Bloem dinner qualification section where one can see monthly where you stand. I know the first criteria is to be an Emerald Director, its the higher levels I get unsure about. Another suggestion would be to include excursion vouchers or soft drink/ ice cream vouchers as extra incentives. In general, apart from the night the motion sickness caught me, I thoroughly enjoyed the cruise despite not knowing anything to expect. I enjoyed the daily meetings with the team as well as the evening meals with everyone. It was a pity there was not more time to get to know everyone better. Thank you once again Charlie and Alta for your continuous service and support to us distributors in the field. We do appreciate all you do as well as your extra incentives as an investment into us.



MervesIndeed success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get. As the saying goes, “life is 10 % what you make it and 90% how you take it.
I can  never regret having spent my 100% life and 100% full of happiness on the Cruise. Of course at first it seemed not to make so much sense compared to the offer of an Ipad but after having the fun , I thought and realised that an Ipad can be bought at a later date and is readily available in phone shops, compared to a Cruise that comes once in a life time and can not be purchased in any shop at will .

Coming to the Business, the Cruise has really put me on the map, having to show people the photos and saying  GNLD / Eagle team sponsored my trip makes new members go wow!!!  and  are asking what they can do for them to go on a cruise too and much more a sponsored trip. This will indeed make each and every member go wild in their business , making the whole team grow bigger and stronger  as well as reliable day in and day out.
A cruise was and is a good incentive .It was  really great and it’s a memory of a life time and no one can ever take away that experience from me.
GNLD to me is an equalizer in life that can make anyone from any walk of life to mingle with international people and share ideas. If anyone told you that you can never succeed in life , they can be proved wrong by GNLD and the Eagle team. The harder you work the more you get rewarded every month through bonuses and residual income that replicates from time to time. The cruise was a catalyst to make our business boom in Zambia.People have become very excited and believe you me, next year you will see the great numbers th
at will trek to Sandton, Hong kong and Bloem for various impoirtant GNLD meetings.
Thanks to GNLD/ Eagle Team for  this life time opportunity. May the good Lord God richly bless you as you continue  touching many different lives out there , indeed heaven is with you.  VIVA GNLD, VIVA EAGLE TEAM !!!!!

FloerenceBY Florence Ngosa – Emerald Director – Zambia.
The five days and four nights on the Cruise was a nice time adventure. It made me see places I have never seen before in my life ,
The Cruise motivated me in the sense that I was rewarded for my hard work and even making me even extra hard because I know that the more you work in GNLd the more you are appreciated.
The Cruise was a nice incentive . I learnt how others do their business. I rubbed shoulders with the most successful people in GNLD, for example chrlie and Alta Bolton. Having such trips makes one to have International Distribuitors in their team thus making their business grow. The cruise also made me get tips on how to grow the business.
As long as you have achieved the required status in GNLD, you are recognised everywhere and can address any GNLD group meeting and share testimonies that can also motivate others regardless of race, colour, religion and education background.
The Cruise is a very good incentive. It makes one interact with people from different nations(GNLD and Non GNLD Members). Back home it motivates other Distributors to work harder as you share the experience so that they can also be awarded the same.

Those who were rewarded in the 2012 Challenge had this to say about their experience on the cruise :

Adelina Machado siad this about her team's experience :
Was really fantastic!!! It was a wow for me and for them. They kept on saying that it was not true.
What motivated most (especially the men that were not involved before) was the feeling that we have a serious buisness, based on a spirituality and keeping promises (they did not beleive it would happen). One of the parts that were enjoyed were the morning prayers.
They also commented on the simplicity of Charlie and Alta, being able to spend some time with them. An example of leadership they want to follow.
The cruise itself: calm environment, all sorts of diversions (especilly music and dancing), the quality and friendliness of the service (especially room and restaurant) and of course the food (quantity and quality).
They came home very motivated and started doing inviting while still on the ship.
It was a blessing that the cruise stopped in Maputo. We had many of our team and relatives coming to see us there and the ship. It was real motivation.

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Lisette says...On my dream chart – which is standing on the wall in front of my computer - since Charlie gave us the challenge, I put a picture of the MSC Opera in the section 27/11/2010 to 27/11/2012). I also had a picture before - in the section from 27/11/2012 to 27/11/2014 – with the words:  XTREME COUTURE LIFESTYLE and LIFE STYLE that I admire and dreamed about it seeing it each time I set in front on my computer.
With this cruise both of my dreams has come true on the time limit and I was able to live my dreams. Again - showing the power of pictures and dream charts.
I must say that when I came home – the feeling of Grandeur was even more powerful. I was missing the excellent Service that we have received on board and the luxury and visualizing to invite myself for another journey on the sea.
This is what the business can offer you – Life Style and Holidays.
I must say – this business is so anchors deep inside me that I will never quit but during difficult times when feeling despondent this souvenir will keep me going.
I am so grateful to Charlie and Alta for having given me these lovely memories

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Force (Phuti) had this to say... About the cruise I would love to thank God for our wonderful ET and the selfless leader Charlie and Alta Bolton for a luxury lifestyle experience we had.It was my 1st Cruise trip where we had an opportunity to taste a ifestyle of the rich and wealthy few on the planet.It was an honour and privilege to rub shoulders Charlie and Alta.I thank the Almighty God for smilling on us and keeping us safe.Dubai here we come!

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Peter and Gloria had this to say about their team's experience on the ship.....It is very difficult to find words to thank you both (Charlie and Alta) for the most fantastic trip that we had with you on the Opera. The team that qualified and participated are over the moon.(Their smiles are still going right around their faces ) This lifestyle event has "blown " the minds of all, to the extent that most of them are talking "Fulltime" thinking. We will just have to scrape them off the ceiling, and not let them make incorrect decisions- but still it is important that they now start thinking bigger than they have been.
    This type of event /challenge really gets the guys who believe in themselves to accept the challenge and perservere to the end-it really gets them to focus on the end Prize.

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Mish and Thembi give this message from the bottom of their hearts....We tried on our own to go on the cruise which was a mountain to climb but with the Eagle Team leadership that dream came true.  We leant a lot and we want to Promise that we gonna work this business to show our appreciation for this wonderful holiday offered to us.  You made us taste the lifestyle of millionairs before we became one.  It is in our daily prayers that the heavens open blessings' doors upon the Eagle Team leadership.  We are convinced that there are still more great things to come, ours is to keep on keeping on sharing this wonderful opportunity out there.

John and Thandiwe Chaza said.... In January 2012 when the challenge was announced everybody was excited. No distributor in our team qualified then. We believed it can happen and we worked hard. Now we know that you CAN achieve whatever you set your mind to as long as you believe it can be done.
We expected more from ourselves and as a result our performance was raised. In that way we learnt how to continue doing our GNLD business. Charlie and Alta made us taste the amazing lifestyle of the wealthy. We enjoyed every bit of it. Food was available any time of the day, we played, we swam and we enjoyed reading, going to the theatre in the evenings. We also loved our daily morning devotions, something unusual in a cruise. Guys, can you believe that we actually had a self-made church in that cruise!! With beautiful peach chairs.
Charlie and Alta made us understand the practice of loving your downline, the art of giving and leading by example.
We believe that what you hand out comes back ten fold. Charlie and Alta we wish you well, stay blessed!!

Agnes Mnisi gave this account... On 26th November we arrived at Durban Harbour where we boarded the MSC Opera. Upon boarding I felt dizzy due to my fear of water. But once I entered the ship I felt at ease because the internal part of the ship is well crafted - the furniture, walls, ceiling and everything inside the ship was extra beautiful. We were given breakfast and lunch on the ship even though it hadn't yet left Durban.Then later we had a wonderful, well-prepared supper.
Tuesday we explored Maputo and then travelled overnight to Inhambane where we were unable to disembark due to the angry sea.
There were many activities on the ship. We had an opportunity to watch movies, go to the steam room and swim etc. Early every morning we would start the day by praying which made my day.
I would like to appreciate the love and that was given to us by our upline Piet and Glo. I would like to show deeper gratitude to Charlie and Alta. God should continue to bless you and grant you a prolonged lifespan. My deepest thanks, I would have never known how cruising felt, instead I would have been as timid as a mouse with no knowledge that there is so much to explore out there.

Mavoureen said... We often hear: ” You are in business for yourself, but not BY yourself.”  Charlie and Alta have always been the perfect example to follow. Once again, they have shown me who and what I can be for my team. Always stretching to be the best I can possibly be- every moment.

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From Peter and Gloria, they had this to say about their team's experience... It is very difficult to find words to thank you both (Charlie and Alta) for the most fantastic trip that we had with you on the Opera. The team that qualified and participated are over the moon.(Their smiles are still going right around their faces ) This lifestyle event has "blown " the minds of all, to the extent that most of them are talking "Fulltime" thinking. We will just have to scrape them off the ceiling, and not let them make incorrect decisions- but still it is important that they now start thinking bigger than they have been.
    This type of event /challenge really gets the guys who believe in themselves to accept the challenge and perservere to the end-it really gets them to focus on the end Prize.

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